Dress Up Storage

My oldest son loves dressing up. From a small age he was putting on anything he could find, he learned to dress himself long before he learned to talk.


When planning out the toy room, the storage for the dress up clothes was high on my priority list. I contemplated doing something like the picture below.

In the end I decided to make room for them in the toy closet. I measured the height of the majority of dress up clothes and when my dad built the toy shelves we made sure to leave enough room to hang the clothes. I purchased an adjustable rod from Canadian Tire and my Dad came up with the hanging mechanism. I love that I can easily change the size, I have already expanded it once. 





After about a month of trying out the new system, I noticed something was missing. It still felt disorganized. Boston is a lot like him me, makes huge messes but can't handle them. The picture below happens too often in the playroom. He makes a huge mess and then cries and has a meltdown because he can't function in the mess.

Dress Up B.JPG

Almost every costume comes with a few little accessories (hats, badges, etc) and I felt that was making it still feel disorganized. Another thing Boston loves is bags, a lot of bags. Which inspired the next step. I ordered drawstring bags off Etsy and hung from each hanger the corresponding accessories. The basket in the back holds misc dress up items that don't correspond to a hanging costume.


My youngest son is now following in Boston's footsteps. My favourite part is Boston loves to dress up and take off Everett's clothes, I find Everett either naked or in random outfits whenever I turn my back.

Dress Up E.JPG