The Tale of an Ikea Slipcover

We wanted a sofa bed for our basement playroom. Scott's family is from Calgary and we thought if we had a place for them to stay, they would come visit! Sofa beds aren't cheap, but on one of Ikea's Wacky Wednesday sales they were clearing out the Kivik sofa bed because they discontinuing the bed version of the sofa. Regular over $1,200 they had the sofa on sale for $399. The catch... they only had purple and white slipcovers left. But since I like to DIY I thought, no big deal I can just dye the white slipcover. Easy!


If I could go back to that moment I would. It wasn't easy! For starters the bed was like any Ikea furniture, time consuming to put together, but Scott figured that part out. Next came the color to dye the sofa. Since it was going to be in the playroom, I thought fun, bold color! I decided on blue and on to figuring out the dye processes. I purchased the dye from Dharma Trading Co. (Scott and I always referred to them as the Dharma Initiative, any Lost fans?). I highly recommend their dye, amazing tutorials and hardcore products. I ordered my first color that I thought I would like, but wasn't sure and continued to order more samples. Then I started to mix samples. 


6 months after purchasing the sofa bed I finally decided to just do it! Pick a color and hope it turns out. I went for the second one from the left in the above picture. Into the tub went the dye and the slipcovers!


It didn't turn out the color of my sample, way to bright!


I would like to say once again, if I could go back to that moment at Ikea where I thought this would be easy I would. Ikea has discontinued this sofa and I can't buy a replacement slipcover. I could have lived with the color but I thought, oh I could bleach it and it will go a little lighter. Perfect. Off to the laundry mat I went. The lady working there was very helpful and we got it spinning in the machine, adding bleach at the right moments.


Washer stopped and I was getting nervous... would it be to light? Bleach stains? I wasn't prepared for what happened next, it was darker! Bleach turned it darker. The fabric on the left was the one I wanted all along. 


The lady at the laundry mat told me to do it one more time, she used her own hard core bleach and as it was spinning we saw the purple coming out... good sign? After the load was done, it was lighter, but still darker and more purple than I wanted. When I got home that afternoon, I put it though my washer one more time with no bleach, just laundry soap. Surprising it turned a lot lighter but the color wasn't even anymore, almost looks worn. By this time I was done, I am going to live with it for now... it's only in the basement playroom. 


If I am ever crazy enough to try this again there are a few things I will do differently. I would have gloves that go past my elbows, lets just say my hands and arms were blue for days. I would also make sure there was no kids in the house. I needed my husbands help a few times, like when the shower curtain fell down on me while my hands were in the tub. Lastly I would figure out a better way to drain the bathtub of the blue water. In the few minutes it took to drain the tub, it dyed the bathtub blue... but came out with some bleach and scrubbing.