Quick Fix Friday - Front Entrance Closet

Today's Quick Fix Friday requires a trip to Ikea. Lucky for my, it is only 8 minutes away! I purchased two set of the Trones Shoe/Storage cabinets costing me a total of $120.

The units fits a lot of kid shoes and women shoes. It doesn't fit as many men shoes though. We do keep seasonal shoes and coats in our storage box spring in our bedroom to help with over crowding. We use one of the very bottom one for the boys hats and gloves. Winter time the closet gets very crowded and the adult boots don't fit into the units without take up a whole cubby, so we just put in front. It still works and keeps everything organized.

Once the boys can read, I will be adding vinyl labels to the outside of the cubbies so they know  which one belongs to them. For now they can share and mom and dad can take up 4 of the 6 cubbies!