Folding Towels Like Pottery Barn

I love folding towels, it is the easiest thing to fold and most of the time, stays in place. Today I thought I would share the way I have been folding towels for over 6 years. When Scott and I were first married, he took on a part time job while going to school full time and I got bored in the evenings. I decided to take on a part time job, while working full time. Where did I work? Pottery Barn! I learned very quickly how to fold the perfect towel!

It's easy and to show how easy it is, I give you my client's linen closet. She asked me to do a walkthrough staging consultation. I wrote down everything she needed to do and her husband and her worked at the list (and sold their house the first day on the market). When we got to her linen closet it looked like this.


I took one towel out, showed her how to fold it and put it back. The very next day she emailed me her after picture!

Here is how I fold towels (Not saying this is the only correct way to fold a towel... just the way I love and prefer.).

If you have the room or a shallow closet, placing the towels length wise so no folds are visible, which gives an even cleaner look. If you have a linen closet like me, it makes more sense to place the towels so you can fit two rows on each shelf.


Now go and fold your towels!