Over The Door Gift Wrapping Station

I have been wanting to do an over the door gift wrapping station for a while, but could never find one locally. Everything was online and shipping just wasn't worth it. I finally found one at Michael's for $49.99, but I used a coupon and saved 40%. 

I have been storing my wrapping paper in a wire basket for the past few years. It was cute, but once I started having kids it was easy for them to get them out and play swords with them.

All the other wrapping items I was storing in an under the bed storage container on the top shelf of my laundry room. The christmas one is still up there.


It came with a few different options for organizing all the items.


Once I started playing with the layout, I didn't need all the attachments. In the end I love how it turned out. Now that everything is more visible, I can see that I have 50 billion tissue papers and wrapping paper rolls and hopefully I will stop buying new ones every time I go to wrap a present. I hung the organizer on the inside of the storage/laundry room, right next to my office/craft room, which is the perfect location for me.