Summer Porch

I thought I would share my summer porch today. I love having a porch! When we were buying this house, I couldn't choose much about it, but one thing I wouldn't settle on was the porch. I wouldn't even look at the spec homes without a porch. 

One of my long time friends came over to make wreaths with me Friday night. I loved catching up with her so much that my creative juices weren't flowing when it came to my wreath. She got hers done in no time and I finally gave up. I tried again Sunday afternoon and nothing. Finally Sunday night I came up with this design.

I was trying to use only supplies I had on hand, since I have way too much craft supplies. I tried fabric rosettes I made years ago, paper pinwheels, scrap fabric tied around one side, fake flowers out of a vase in my living room, but after all that, I remember a wreath I made for Ladies Craft Night, where you fold felt circles into quarters (you can see a tutorial here) and went with a concept very similar. Instead of circles, I used squares and pinned more into a flower design and layering three different sizes of squares. I also used fabric instead of felt.

I've added the Sweet Sweet Summer Time sign to my shop! Email me to place an order. Measures 16"x22" - $40.  The bottom picture shows both finishing options for every sign.


I can't believe how fast summer is flying by. My oldest has been out of school since the end of May and it is already the middle of July! We live in a beach community and spend most of our days at the beach playing with friends. Summer needs to SLOW down!