Gallery Wall Ideas - Awesome Michael's Find

I was out shopping for a client last night and found the newest/smartest thing with it comes to Gallery Walls. I love gallery walls, they are one of my favourite things to do. You can see some inspiration on my Pinterest board here. They are fun to put anywhere from a staircase, child's room, kitchen, office and the list goes on!

Another obsession I have is scrapbook paper. I love looking at all the packs of paper at Michael's (especially when I'm childless). Last night a new set of scrapbook papers packs caught my eye and I wanted to share!


They are packs of paper, with coordinating images to create a gallery wall! If you are having a hard time finding inspiration of what to put in your gallery walls, these books are for you. One pack of paper costs $24.99 but use a 40% off coupon. You can download the Michael's app and the coupons are on the app.

The back of the book says "Full instructions included. Over 30 layout ideas." How awesome is that. These next set of pictures are the back of the books that show every print that comes with each book and the sizes.


Happy shopping ;)