Quick Fix Friday - Toy Labels

As an organizational freak I love to label everything and today I wanted to share how happy I am I finally labeled the toy bins! I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure if it would make a difference with my boys, but it did! The 5 year old "bosses" the 3 year old around on where the correct bins are during clean up. Plus I noticed my 3 year old now goes straight to the toy bin he wants vs taking every single one out till he finds what he is looking for. Organizing win!

 Storage system is the  Trofast from Ikea .

Storage system is the Trofast from Ikea.

Below is a client's picture. I designed and cut the labels for her and she installed them! Since the bins she used were fabric, we used high quality permanent vinyl. For the above bins, I used removable vinyl.

 Storage system is the Kallax from Ikea.

Storage system is the Kallax from Ikea.

UPDATE! A year later this is what our toy storage looks like! We switched it around slightly and make the green bins for lego.

If you are in Edmonton and would like to order a set of playroom labels (or any type of labels), email me or message me on Facebook.