Client's DIY Office

I had to share these amazing pictures from my client. I offer typical hands on Interior Decorating services, but I also offer consultation services for the DIY-ers out there! With this client, we had two physical meetings and then the rest of my services were done over phone, email and text. She did most of the work and I advised her in her decisions and ideas.

I came to her office the day she was finishing setting up and hung the pictures above the desk, but everything else was decorated by her!

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The desk is from Restoration Hardware! It was the first pieces that we selected and designed the rest of the room around.


The side board in the above picture was a garage sale find! The client painted it and replaced the hardware. She also took a basic file cabinet and spray painted it with two different colours of the Rustoleum Metallic spray paint line to pretty it up!


The couch and chair are from It was the first time I have experienced them. Shipping for the two pieces was only $50! Which is amazing for us Canadians. So far the client is happy with the purchase. She has about 10 people per day sitting on it, so time will give a better review on their furniture.

The floor lamp is from Restoration Hardware and all the other lamps are from RH Teen. The rug is from RH Baby. A little tip... prices are typically less expensive at RH Teen and RH Baby vs Restoration Hardware and just as beautiful!

We originally selected a different filing cabinet from Restoration Hardware. It was beautiful. According to the measurements, it would fit perfectly. BUT once it was in the space, it just was too overpowering. RH came back and took it away. The client bought a file cabinet from Ikea instead.

Side note... Isn't her view amazing!!


Sometimes furniture and accessorizes after they are in the space, just don't look right, even when they worked out perfectly in our head and on paper. There is one store in Edmonton I refuse to go in to for accessories for clients because they don't have a return policy! I can't handle that type of commitment!

Below are a few samples of how the client and I planned out her space using design boards and design layout software.

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