No Sew Hemmed Curtains

Confession… I don’t own an ironing board! I’ve been told this is weird. Am I really the only one that doesn’t have one?


I use to have one, but it got water damage from a storage unit when we were in-between houses and I never bought another one. It has been 3 years since and I don’t miss it! My husband buys non-iron dress shirts and if I need to iron my kids clothes for picture day, or church, I use my hair straightener! My friends at first made fun of me for using a hair straightener, but guess what, they have all admitted they tried it and love it!

Now let’s talk curtains! When I need to hem curtains, I borrow an ironing board or use my clients! My favourite product is the No Sew Tape. You can find it at sewing stores, I’ve even seen it at JYSK. There is of course the trusty Amazon!

First you hang your curtains! Take a ruler and figure out how much you need to take up. I personally like my curtains to just kiss the floor. Once you have this figured out, press the hem down. Notice, my curtains are still hanging on the rod!

Place the tape along the top inside edge. In the bottom picture I have the curtain hem folded twice. You can see the press line in the middle. Once I fold that back up, the tape will be at the top inside of the hem.


Here is another picture to show where the tape is placed. This was my old ironing board, may it RIP.


Cover with damp cloth. With iron setting on "cotton", press firmly for 15-20 seconds.


Let cool before you take it off your ironing board and your done! It was really that easy.
**This method doesn't work with silky material. I learned the hard way with some curtains I did for a client! Ooops

AND sometimes, like maybe 1 out of 10 curtains, I actually use a sewing machine.

IMG_3559 (1).jpg