Gallery Walls

Stunning Office Space

Stunning Office Space

I had to share these amazing pictures from my client. I offer typical hands on Interior Decorating services, but I also offer consultation services for the DIY-ers out there! With this client, we had two physical meetings and then the rest of my services were done over phone, email and text. She did most of the work and I advised her in her decisions and ideas…

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Staircase Gallery Wall

Spending no money and using frames I already had, I created this picture wall going up the stairs to the second floor. Each frame was painted white, using paint from my makeup table I refinished below. The process I use was a little more time consuming up front, but once the layout was determined with paper and tape, it was a quick hang with a hammer and nails.

I will be honest, painting the frames took forever. I had a brand new baby who wouldn't sleep unless I was in the room and another little boy whenever he saw me painting had to join in (which means I had to paint after he went to bed). It was really frustrating, but I finished the frames, Everett finally figured out his sleep issues and we love the wall.