Pattern Vinyl Decals

I love when I receive an order to design and cut vinyl decals to make a pattern on a wall! I have cut a lot of gold hearts and dots over the last few years and love them!! But there so many other fun shapes and colours to choose from.

Here are a few pictures clients have sent me after they installed the vinyl.


I created a board on Pinterest where I have pinned some of my pictures and other pictures I have found online that I love! Check it out, here. Below is a small sample of some shapes I can do! Or message me with an idea of your own.

I use high quality removable vinyl. 60 colours to choose from!

The vinyl is easy to install. You will need, a tape measure or ruler, a level, a pencil, an eraser and lets be honest an hour or two. 

First determine the space you want between each vinyl. For mine, I decided 8 inches from corner to corner and from top to bottom. Place your first vinyl with a level and mark 8 inches over.

Line up the top of the level with the bottom of your first vinyl. Attach the second vinyl right at your pencil mark, making sure your line is level. Erase your pencil mark and continue. 

Most importantly, the cost! I fit as many shapes onto a sheet 12 inches x 36 inches and charge $20. The first picture with the small hearts, she ordered 2 sheets, cost her $40. The last picture with the blue wall and gold dots, also 2 sheets and $40. 

*Each individual decal has to be 12 inches or smaller. I can not cut over 12 inches unless it is in different sections/pieces.

Quick Fix Friday - Toy Labels

As an organizational freak I love to label everything and today I wanted to share how happy I am I finally labeled the toy bins! I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure if it would make a difference with my boys, but it did! The 5 year old "bosses" the 3 year old around on where the correct bins are during clean up. Plus I noticed my 3 year old now goes straight to the toy bin he wants vs taking every single one out till he finds what he is looking for. Organizing win!

Storage system is the Trofast from Ikea.

Storage system is the Trofast from Ikea.

Below is a client's picture. I designed and cut the labels for her and she installed them! Since the bins she used were fabric, we used high quality permanent vinyl. For the above bins, I used removable vinyl.

Storage system is the Kallax from Ikea.

Storage system is the Kallax from Ikea.

UPDATE! A year later this is what our toy storage looks like! We switched it around slightly and make the green bins for lego.

If you are in Edmonton and would like to order a set of playroom labels (or any type of labels), email me or message me on Facebook.

Vinyl Decal Patterns - Custom Home Decor

Custom cut vinyl decals for walls! Easy to remove and doesn't leave a mark. Comes in a wide range of colours. Send Tara Michelle Interiors a message to inquire about custom vinyl. Find more information about the vinyl patterns in our blog post here.

Check out my Pinterest board for vinyl ideas. Like Tara Michelle Interiors on Facebook to stay updated on new designs.

3.75 inches wide

3.75 inches wide

2 & 3 inch circles

2 & 3 inch circles

Kids Craft Desk

We were having a huge issue in our house with my 5 year olds love for crafts! His supplies and creations are everywhere around the house... and lets be honest, so are mine, but I clean up after myself, Boston not so much.

I was debating where to put this desk for a few months. Finally decided to put in in the playroom! In a previous blog post where I wrote the tutorial for the DIY Crate Bookcase, I mentioned how I moved all the kids books up to Boston's room. This was to create the space needed for the craft desk.


I had a good amount of space for a desk after I took away the bookcase and moved the green table and chairs. I already had the Alex drawer unit from Ikea that I used for my bookkeeping job last winter that wasn't being used.


For the legs I went with the Sjunne legs from Ikea that match my craft table since they are only a few feet away. Sadly they are the most expensive legs at ikea ($20 each), but oh well I only needed two. Lastly I went with the Linnmon table top, which also matched my craft desk, different size, but same style and color.

Boston was so excited. Here he is sorting all his craft supplies. These green bins from Ikea are where his supplies were before. Confession... letting Boston sort and organize his craft supplies was really hard for me! I wanted to do it!! (Boston is wearing pirate pants pretending to be Hulk, in case you are wondering.)

After! I am on the hunt for a different chair and then will be painting both chairs a pop of color, one for each child.