Our Design Philosophy

We believe that design is an emotive expression that touches the heart and soul. It goes beyond colors, textures, or placement – it encompasses the entire picture that connects trends with timeless form and function.

Great design doesn’t just decorate space, it transforms and improves lives. It’s the manifestation of your taste, blending dreams with precision to create a lasting impact.

A talented designer grows with experience, combining skill, knowledge, and business acumen. They have a keen eye for perfection, intuitively knowing when a design has truly achieved its potential.

Our 5-Step Design Process

Our design process is as easy as it gets. It simply follows these 5 essential steps:


You’re ready to transform your home, whether that’s through building anew or renovating. Working with a professional design team is a big step, and we’re here to guide you. Before we meet, dive into your design dreams first. 

Collect photos of rooms, colors, fabrics, and anything that inspires you. This will be your inspiration file, the starting point for our collaboration. Let’s make your vision a reality, together.


Think of our first meeting as an opportunity to delve into your home’s potential, akin to a first date where we learn about each other and your space. 

We’ll measure, ask questions to understand how you use each room, and discuss the scope of your project. We’ll also review your collected photos to grasp your style and vision. 

To gear up for the next steps, you might need to research the prices of furnishings and fixtures, helping us outline a feasible budget for your renovation or build.


Now, it’s our turn to translate your vision into a tangible design. When we present our ideas to you, it’ll be like a great second date – you’ll feel that we truly “get you”. This stage is also crucial for discussing and considering any changes. 

If needed, we’ll return to the drawing board to refine the design so it will align perfectly with your vision and incorporate any adjustments.


With the project scope and design details ironed out, we’ll then produce technical drawings. These will precisely capture your vision and serve as vital guides for the contractor, tradespeople, and you. 

It’s like advancing to a deeper phase in a relationship, where we understand the finer details of your preferences, right down to your preferred breakfast spot. This stage is crucial for ensuring every part of your home aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.


Finally, as we get to know your home and you better, it’s time to focus on the specifics. We’ll collaborate on selecting colors, furniture, materials, finishes, fixtures, window treatments, lighting, and more, tailored to the scope of your project. 

Each part has its own schedule, but our goal is to seamlessly integrate these details to realize your vision.