Quick Fix Friday - Drawer Organizer

I thought today I would share my favourite drawer organizer product. They are the Plastic Drawer Organizers by Rubbermaid (a few other companies make similar products, I just prefer the Rubbermaid ones).

I use them throughout my house, in my bathroom, kitchen, home office and craft room! I have been using them for years as my kitchen utensil holders. Typically you see trays like this being used to store you forks, knifes and spoons.

For us, we have always lived where there is limited drawer space. Our current house only has 4 drawers and we needed to combine the utensil drawer with the typical "junk drawer". 


This next picture is of my home office storage, think we have enough pens?!?! I used three different sizes of these containers for this drawer organization.

You can find these containers at stores like, Wal-mart and Canadian Tire.