Quick Fix Friday - Folding Bedding

If you missed last Friday's post, I focused on how to fold a towel. Today, I thought I would stick to the linen closet and talk about bedding! Specifically the sheets and pillowcases. I fold my fitted sheets the "Martha Stewart way". You can watch the video below or go here to see step by step instructions. It may seem easier said than done, but really… it's quite easy with a bit of practice!

After I have attempted to fold my fitted sheet, I take the fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases, and stack on top of each other. 

I then take one of the pillow cases, open it up and slide the stack of bedding into the pillowcase. 

Two reasons why I love doing this, one is you never misplace a piece of the set ever again and two, lets be honest, I can't even fold a fitted sheet perfectly and this hides it!