Quick Fix Friday - Email Declutter

It has been a LONG time since I have done a Quick Fix Friday post! I tackled an item off my to do list this week and it felt amazing and I thought I would share!

I set the timer on my phone to 10 minutes and unsubscribed to as many promotional emails as I could in that 10 minutes. It was satisfying to know I was getting at least 10 less emails a day.

No need for a daily email from the online fabric store I bought fabric from 4 years ago! Or that clothing store I never even go into. I also don't need the electronic store emails either, my husband already gets them!

Give it a try! Set your timer for 10 minutes and get rid of some unnecessary emails! I had about 10,000 emails in my "Promotions" folder in Gmail. Wow! I miss out on the emails I want to see because I was overwhelmed with that folder and never checked it!

I also logged into my Facebook settings and downgraded the email notifications I receive. Here is to an orgainzed 2017!