Stunning Office Space

Stunning Office Space

I had to share these amazing pictures from my client. I offer typical hands on Interior Decorating services, but I also offer consultation services for the DIY-ers out there! With this client, we had two physical meetings and then the rest of my services were done over phone, email and text. She did most of the work and I advised her in her decisions and ideas…

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No Sew Hemmed Curtains

A while back I mentioned I was sewing curtains on my personal Facebook page and had a few requests from friends to hem their curtains. Today I thought I would help all of you who have curtains that look like this.

I purchased iron-on hem fuser from Fabricland. It cost me $3.49.
Update: I have also seen this at Jysk for $2.99 each.

First you hang your curtains! Take a ruler and figure out how much you need to take up. I needed to take up 5 inches on one panel and between 5 and 4 inches on the other panel. I don't think I hung my rod level... or maybe the curtains were off? Lets go with the curtains, so it wasn't my fault!

Turn up hem and press. Notice, my curtains are still hung!

Place the tape along the top inside edge.

Cover with damp cloth. With iron setting on "cotton", press firmly for 15-20 seconds.

Let cool before you take it off your ironing board and your done! It was really that easy.

Update: This method doesn't work with silky material. I learned the hard way!