Organized House

I wanted to highlight some before and after pictures of a recent job I finished. This client is selling their house and needed some help getting organized and motivated to get it listed!

I love a good pantry organization! My own pantry is about 2 feet wide, so I love working with a pantry with endless space. 



I can relate to this struggle with my client.... KIDS TOYS! So many of them! We took most of the toys out of her daughters room and into the play room. I purchased the Kallax Shelving unit from ikea with pink bins that would work in the new house. 

Before Bedroom/Toy Room


Like most basements, they are the dumping ground! My basement is finished and I still take everything down there I don't want to deal with just yet. 

I took these before pictures, mid way through organizing the basement. We went through every box and bag, sorting into piles to donate, toss or box up for the move! 


Lastly I want to highlight Christmas decorations! This was before.

I purchased 4 matching containers to store Christmas decorations. Clear containers are my favourite (they are also a little bit more money) but I went with non-clear for this mini project. When you decorate for Christmas you open all the bins at once, so no need to know what is inside through the clear containers. Once Christmas is upon us, my client will go and purchase a tree bag to store the tree vs in the box the tree came in that you can never close again!


Staged Home - Ellerslie Heights

This amazing client wanted to tackle the staging herself but didn't know where to start. We walked around her house and I opened all her closets and cupboards and she wrote down notes as I suggested different areas to tackle. The home was listed after the staging was complete and sold within the first week and above asking price!